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Renée Powers, Ph.D.

Renée has been working in the healing arts for most of her life. She has experienced first hand the undeniable connection between body, mind and spirit. She is a Transpersonal Counselor, Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT), a Graduate Metaphysical Practictioner, Certified Wellness Coach, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Ordained Minister.

Renée has earned many degrees and certifications, however, she feels the best teacher is personal experience and helping others. Guiding, inspiring, helping, and teaching others to understand the link between body, mind and spirit and to care for themselves is her greatest joy.


Renée works with clients on an individual basis, along with couples and families, providing a unique, personalized program. Renée's care is always completely confidential.


Renée also offers meditation classes, balanced life workshops and group therapy.


Renée's associations include:

American Metaphysical Doctors Association (AMDA)

International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM)



Disclaimer: Renée is not a state licensed counselor or psychotherapist she is a spiritual counselor and therapist. Due to the separation between church and state there is no licensing requirements for spiritual counseling. If you are looking for a licensed counselor or psychologist Renée can refer you to one.

Renée and the Center for Bliss holds to all the same high standards of ethics, confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.


Renée's office is in Tucson, Arizona however, she offers her services anywhere in the US via phone or Internet video conferencing such as Skype.

I Care


 I  - Integrity

C - Compassion

A - Authenticity

R - Respect

E - Exellence

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