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Welcome to the Center for Bliss

The Center for Bliss


The Center for Bliss offers many unique and powerful services all in one location. The Center is a place for those who are traveling the long and winding path to enlightenment. It is for those who are interested in the evolution of consciousness and those who want to explore the higher regions of human potential with a metaphysical approach. Let the Center for Bliss serve as a guide along your journey of self discovery and true, authentic happiness.


BLISS is defined: 1) a perfect state of happiness, 2) happiness to the point of being oblivious to everything else

3) a state of joy undisturbed by either gain or loss.


The Center for Bliss offers:

     Private Counseling Sessions

     Private Sound Therapy Sessions

     Private Meditation

     Private Reiki and Chakra Sessions


     Monthly Meditation Group Class

     Yoga Classes (both private and group)


     Monthly Inspiration Services


Find your Center at the Center for Bliss

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